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    • You receive 1.5% for a listing fee (a 1.5% discount!) 

    • A $100 donation made to KEXP in your name after closing

  • Buyer

    • 10% of agent’s commission goes toward your closing cost

    • An additional $500.00 for closing cost if you use a preferred lender


Questions about selling

Yes, it can. Several factors can affect a home’s value.  A big factor is the supply and demand in the current marketplace.  Other factors can be macroeconomic in nature, such as the recession we had back in 2008.  Decisions by national, state, and local governments can affect home values.  In the long term, such as decades, home prices have historically risen at a much faster rate than has monetary inflation.

In some cases, older homes can be an equally good investment as a new home, or even better.    Older homes have had time to settle into their surrounding environments.  Settling has occurred and fixes may be already in place, while newer homes could have a limited warranty that lasts only a year.  The surrounding residential and commercial activities are often more mature near older homes.  Can a newer home expect more population growth nearby in the future?  Will congestion and less natural scenery affect future values?  Ultimately, buyers each have their own personal preferences, and there is no simple yes or no answer to this question.

Usually, sellers pay commission to both listing (seller) and buying agents.  There are exceptions to this typical approach that depend upon final negotiations between the parties.


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