Matthew Wilson, Agent

452-595-6938 fax
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2801 Bickford Ave STE 103-328
Snohomish WA, 98220

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Matthew Wilson grew up in Southern California, and in his earlier years of life was raised in a low income single family home that has given him experiences and made him who he is today. In his youth, his family decided to move up to the Pacific Northwest for more opportunities and have mainly resided in Snohomish and King County.


Matthew has learned the value of good business, and always maintained honesty for himself and those around him. He has met numerous challenges and exceeded expectations in the fields of operations, sales, construction and now real estate. He has also maintained different levels of leadership and management at the top aviation company in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade.


Matthew will always elevate and drive to find a way for delivering results, and make sure those results and solutions are mutually beneficial to his client base, no matter the situation or opportunity.


Learning life and business, though what some would say as the “hard knocks” method, has given him the in depth understanding and value of each relationship and dollar spent or saved for his clients. While on this journey Matthew implements servant leadership for those he works with. His persistence is immeasurable, and I would enjoy the opportunity to help you in any way possible.

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